BYC Foil Qualifiers and Senior Champs 2017

Well done to everyone who entered the BYC foil qualifiers and seniors championships last weekend. You all made our club very proud, as you should be proud of yourselves.

Summary of results below:

3rd Senior Men’s Epee – Chamberlain-King, Reggie
9th Senior Men’s Epee – Loxton, Martin
10th Senior Men’s Epee – Pike, Jim
2nd Senior Men’s Foil – Elliker, Daniel
3rd Senior Men’s Foil – Powell, Matt
5th Senior Men’s Foil – Kerr, Joseph
10th Senior Men’s Foil – Webb, Andrew
5th Senior Women’s Foil – Nowaczyk, Abbie
12th U-10 Men’s Foil – Miller, Thomas
9th U-10 Men’s Foil – Pike, Alfie
3rd U-12 Women’s Foil – Jethwa, Aneeka (Qualified)
10th U-14 Women’s Foil – Rainford, Melissa
5th U-18 Men’s Foil – Coulson, Matthew
3rd U-18 Women’s Foil – Nowaczyk, Abbie (Qualified)

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