Fencing Shops

We have listed below some of the main websites for fencing equipment.

Allstar-Uhlmann manufacturer the worlds top selling fencing equipment. Internationally famous for providing the highest quality has made Allstar and Uhlmann the natural choice of World and Olympic champions over many years.

Blades Brand
Blades are the only manufacturer and distributor of fencing equipment in the UK specializing in the supply of 350N CE Level 1 kit to the beginner, club, school, university and starter set market.


Excalibur Sports
What we have tried to do is fill this gap, to be able to provide more cost effective kit while still keeping a level of high quality, safe equipment. Ideally we would love to see every single fencer, child and adult, own a set of fencing kit, personal to them and not being shared with numerous other people which is the case with borrowing club kit. We have provided successful equipment stands at various competitions such as the Bristol BRC, Cocks Moors Woods Epee and local County/Regional Championships.

Leon Paul
Leon Paul is one of the largest suppliers of fencing equipment.

PBT UK’s online shop!From here, you can purchase PBT’s wide range of fencing equipment.