Club Constitution

Constitution 1st January 2011

  • Title
    The Club shall be known as ‘Cocks Moors Woods Fencing Club’.
  • Objects
    The objects of the Club are: To promote interest in fencing among members; To provide facilities to meet members’ interests in fencing; To further the interests of fencing locally; To support the British Fencing Association (BFA). For this purpose the Club shall be affiliated to the BFA and shall encourage its members to become individual members of the BFA.  As a not-for-profit club, all income will be reinvested into the club for equipment, course fees and other expenses.
  • Membership
    Membership of the Club is open to everyone. The Club Committee reserve the right of refusing or cancelling membership without giving a reason.
  • Constitution
    The affairs of the Club shall be administered by a Committee consisting of: Chairman Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer Committee Members x2 A total of five elected members.
  • Committee
    The Committee shall have power to co-opt anyone to its meetings, but he or she shall not have power to vote. The Committee shall have the power to fill causal vacancies. The Chairman shall have a casting vote at a Committee meeting. The Hon. Secretary shall give not less than ten days notice of a Committee meeting. Three members shall form a quorum at a Committee meeting. The officers and Committee members shall serve for one year and may stand for re-election. The Committee shall meet at regular intervals, one per term.
  • Elections
    The officers and Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by a simple majority of those present and voting. Nominations must be accompanied by a written consent of the person nominated to serve if elected.
  • Annual General Meeting
    The Annual General Meeting shall be called by the Hon. Secretary giving not less than 13 days notice. The notice must include details of any proposed changes in the Club rules. Accounts will be presented at the AGM. The AGM should be held a few weeks after the end of the financial year (October 1 to September 30) The Chairman shall have a casting vote at an AGM. Three members shall form a quorum at an AGM.
  • Subscriptions
    Fencers will be invited to join the club with fees to be paid by the week, term i.e. January, April and September or annually. The Committee has the right to amend fees as required.
  • Rules
    The Committee has the right to interpret these rules, and to settle any question not provided for the rules, but no addition nor alteration to the rules may be made except at an AGM. Changes and alterations in the rules shall be reported to the Secretary of the BFA and published after the AGM.
  • Officers’ Duties
    • President and Chairman
      • Whoever acts as chairman of The Club is responsible to the members for the members for the overall running of the Club: this includes ensuring that the Club meets its objectives, financial affairs, the conduct of meetings, and ensuring that the other Officers and Committee members carry out the duties delegated to them.
    • Hon. Treasurer
      • The Hon. Treasurer is responsible for: collecting subscriptions, paying and receiving money, running the Club account, keeping proper records of payments and receipts, and for presenting accounts at the AGM (see rule 7). The Hon. Treasurer should be consulted about major items of expenditure.
    • Hon. Secretary
      • The Hon. Secretary is responsible for day-to-day administration, drafting and circulating agendas and minutes, dealing with correspondence, and the arrangements for matches and team selection. A Team Captain can also be added as a Club officer, and be directly responsible to the Club Chairman or President for match arrangements and team selection, rather than the Hon. Secretary.
    • Hon. Parent Member
      • The Hon. Parent Member is responsible for the welfare of the children from a parent or guardian perspective. Al so to assist in deciding future club development.
    • Welfare Officers
      • The Club shall appoint at least one welfare officer to support any disputes or matters of concern by fencers, parents or public

Cocks Moors Woods Fencing Club is an affiliated member of British Fencing, our national governing body. Membership Number 109708.