Useful Guides and Tools

Useful Fencing Guides and Tools

Fencing Guides:

Names of the parries (with video examples from real bouts)

Improve your parry quarte

Parries VS Blocking (Difference between parrying and blocking)

Different Stance Styles (Variations of en guarde)

Angled hits (Hitting properly)

Basic decision making in foil (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Referee Guides:


Foil priority for beginners 

Foil priority “rules of thumb”

Foil Point in Line

Test your skills, online referee practice tool


Foil separating attacks off the line

Foil attack on preparation

Armory Guides:

Armory Videos and Guides

Books and Other:

This is fencing! Advanced Training and Performance Principles for Foil

Great book by one of the best fencing coaches in the UK, and arguably one of the best in the world, Ziemowit (Ziemek) Wojciechowski of the club ZFW. This book goes over many fencing principles, most of which are a must for competitive fencers. Would recommend.

Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert

A great book for the tactical side of fencing. Really helps to improve the thought process on the piste and take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses. If you struggle with falling for the same action over and over again then this book might be for you.

Inner Game of Tennis: Ultimate Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance

This book helps you to learn how to learn. It gives good advice on how to approach training in your sport to become a technically better athlete.

Athlete’s Mind

A great book for any aspiring athlete. Gives practical advice on how to approach competitions, and how you should be mentally preparing on and off the piste during training and competitions. Recommended especially to those fencers that can get caught up in the emotions and the pressures of competition.