Fencing – Back Foot Focus

Week 2 Fencing Resources

This week we are looking at the back foot. A lot of beginner and intermediate fencers overlook the importance of having a fast back foot when stepping forward. This week watch this video by Race, and practice this a few times a week. When you are comfortable doing this try implementing it into your fencing!

Record yourself performing fencing steps backwards, forwards and lunging. Compare this video to the professional fencers you watched last week. In your journal, write down 5 differences, and how you think you can correct them.
Hints: Look at feet positions, feet distance, flow, speed, size, shoulder and torso positions etc…

Continuing our flexibility work from the previous week, perform a stretching routine 3 days again this week!

The fast backfoot principle applies to stepping back too: When stepping back, the front foot needs to be fast.