General Guide

Each week we are going to provide you with resources to keep the fencers practicing over the break and for use when fencing at home. We strongly recommend that the juniors try to do these ready for BYC, GB Cup and EYC finals, when and if they happen.  Adults feel free to join in too!

Watch Race Imboden’s footwork feet distance video, practice this at home 3 times a week for a few minutes. For even more improvement, get someone to record you so you can compare. You don’t need facebook for this link.

Start a fencing journal, get a spare book or notepad and start a journal. Write down your goals for 6 months, 1 year and 3 years. Start watching some high level fencing on YouTube and note down your favorite fencers. We will use these notebooks for weeks to come, and we will be checking when we are back!

Start following this flexibility guide 2-3 times a week to ensure you are increasing your flexibility. It is one area of training we do not work on much at the club but is very important for fencing and injury prevention! Sitting at home all day isn’t good for the body!  If you need any guidance on these stretches just ask.

Stretches for Legs, Groin and Hips

Fencing Journals
The journals you are starting are really helpful, you can write results from competitions, thoughts from training nights, etc… Added to this, here is a video of Race Imboden at the World Championships. See how he implements his own advice, it is also a great place to start watching some top class fencing.

More details and updates can be found here