Fencing – Calling Your Opponent

Fencing Week 3

Watching another video from Race. This time he talks about calling an opponent. At the higher levels of fencing it is not just enough to be reactive. You need to be proactive in your fencing. So check this out and give it a try!

This week we can look into the bronze, silver, gold principal. Look back at competitions you have completed the last year. Write down a target for next season for each competition. Giving it a bronze goal (same result as last year), a silver goal (slight increase in result), and a goal goal (a large increase). As an example, If I were to look at my last year’s British championship. I came around 30th. So my bronze would be a low last 32. Silver a high L32. And gold would be a last 16 result. This type of goal setting will help you to aim for steady improvement over time!

Keep up with the flexibility. There are also plenty of fitness routines being posted by fencers online. If you would like any recommendations let me know.

Thanks all. If anyone wants anything specific, such as target practise, or pointwork games, or fencing footwork etc. Please let us know as we can add some in!