Pre-Event Health Screening Questionnaire – CMW Epee Championships 2021

This form must be completed by all athletes, coaches, spectators, and staff attending the CMW Epee Championships on 14th November 2021 held at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre, Solihull.

This must be done in the preceding 24 hours to your arrival at the event.

Please be aware the following COVID-19 Mitigation measures will be in place throughout the event:

      • Face Coverings are to be worn inside the venue (unless exempt)
      • There will be Field of Play restrictions, to limit the number of people piste side i.e. one piste side supporter per athlete from the DE stages and no coaching allowed during the poules. 
      • People will be reminded not to shout.
      • Spectators are encouraged to clap at the end of each bout to acknowledge the athletes performances.
      • No handshaking/elbow touching – replaced with salutes on the on-guard line

We also recommend that attendees bring their own personal bottle of hand sanitiser with them.

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