About Us

The fencing club is run by qualified and experienced coaches, all affiliated to British Fencing, our National Governing Body. Our coaches have been checked against the DBS/CRB register and have also undergone necessary courses for the Protection and Safety of Children in Sport as well as Emergency First Aid courses.

The club started in January 2010 and we have seen an excellent increase in fencers, from beginners to advanced fencers joining our friendly club.  We use half the main hall, the size of four badminton courts, at Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham, where we regularly have over 30 fencers, fencing electric and non-electric foil and epee. One-to-one tuition is given to all fencers on a regular basis, ensuring new skills are taught and existing skills are refined and nurtured. We also encourage our junior fencers to complete the British Fencing Achievement Gradings, ensuring what they have learned is used in their fencing.

Beginners courses for juniors and adults are run on a regular basis, typically once each term, to encourage new blood into the sport. Our courses will aim to achieve at least level one of the British Fencing achievement awards scheme, an introduction to fencing electric, introduction to epee and also a look at refereeing. Once the course is finished, further training is continued to ensure further progress. We also welcome anyone looking to do fencing as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme physical activity.


Richard Burn - Coach
Richard Burn – Coach & Club Secretary

Raph Aldis – Coach

Daniel Elliker - Team Captain
Daniel Elliker – Coach & Team Captain

Josh Burn - Coach
Josh Burn – Coach

Khelan Patel - Coach
Khelan Patel – Coach

Mark Thomas - Coach
Mark Thomas – Coach

Adrian Mason - Armourer
Adrian Mason – Armourer

Andy Webb
Andy Webb – Chairman

Chairman Andy Webb
Secretary/Treasurer/COVID-19 Officer Richard Burn
Team Captains Daniel Elliker
Josh Burn
Members All Coaches plus…
Adrian Mason
Andy Webb
Gareth Rainford
Erin Osborne-Richards
Kieron Webb (Junior)
Alfie Pike (Junior)
Coaches Daniel Elliker
Josh Burn
Khelan Patel
Mark Thomas
Joe Kerr
Raph Aldis
Richard Burn
Armourers Adrian Mason
Richard Burn
Welfare Officers Nicky Owen
Robin Priestley (Training)